Bunch of Thoughts

Don’t tell me this CBSE syllabus change is not politically motivated. Oh please. This happens because a certain section of the society hails the current government’s autocratic and anti-democratic actions again and again. I have seen educated people who inspired me to read the writings of the past, meet me after years and tell me … More Bunch of Thoughts

100 Operational Airports in India

According to the Civil Aviation’s official annual report 2017-18 (Chapter 4,5,6 Part 1) published on 5 September 2018, there are 129 airports under AAI with 23 international airports, 78 domestic airports, 8 customs airports and 20 civil enclaves at defence airfields. Of 129 airports, 101 airports –including civil enclaves – are operational and 28 are … More 100 Operational Airports in India

Why #UninstallSnapchat is a blessing in disguise?

Well, #UninstallSnapchat is trending. I support #UninstallSnapchat. Yes. I do. But, not because of the fiasco. The reason is rather simple. It is a stupid, time eating app that disables you to actually enjoy the moment and makes you take out your phone and record the moment for the world to see, not leaving anything … More Why #UninstallSnapchat is a blessing in disguise?

Anti-National blog

I wasn’t going to write any further about this issue, but something happened that was something predictable, yet disdainful.  So, continuing my principles of not taking names, a girl posts a video (and for many who don’t understand, this was in 2016 and not 2017) regarding how her father, a martyr who did not die … More Anti-National blog