Why #UninstallSnapchat is a blessing in disguise?

Well, #UninstallSnapchat is trending. I support #UninstallSnapchat. Yes. I do. But, not because of the fiasco. The reason is rather simple. It is a stupid, time eating app that disables you to actually enjoy the moment and makes you take out your phone and record the moment for the world to see, not leaving anything … More Why #UninstallSnapchat is a blessing in disguise?

Anti-National blog

I wasn’t going to write any further about this issue, but something happened that was something predictable, yet disdainful.  So, continuing my principles of not taking names, a girl posts a video (and for many who don’t understand, this was in 2016 and not 2017) regarding how her father, a martyr who did not die … More Anti-National blog

What is Politics?

If everyone could have everything they wanted whenever they wanted, there would be no such thing as politics. Whatever the precise meaning of the complex activity known as politics might be, it has been understood in many different ways—it is clear that human experience never provides us with everything we want. Instead, we have to compete, … More What is Politics?

Happy Lohri

Yesterday, a large number of people celebrated Lohri. We all had bonfires and we all had a good time. Do we know what Lohri really is? It is a celebration for the Punjab farmers for their harvest. They thank God for a good farming year and celebrate that their hard work has paid off. Why … More Happy Lohri