Electricity in Delhi

Summer Sun Clip ArtIt’s summers!! So, naturally, it will be hot. In such a situation, when their is no Air Conditioner, what happens is called chaotic irritation. We get angry and start blaming the electricity providers and the government. But, wait and realize the bitter truth, who is to be blamed? Kejriwal and Gandhis say Modi is the culprit. But, some simple truths shall reveal the truth.

1. Kejriwal says in his same old recorded voices, that in my reign, there were no electricity losses and that these electricity companies can be checked and corrected by Kejriwal sir. Sir, the simple question is, how long was your reign? Like 40+ days? That too in winters? What is the electricity consumption in winters?

Narendra Modi2. Modi ji has held office for not even a month by now, the INC destroyed the Delhi system of working, at least give him some time to reconstruct the system of Delhi back to proper.

3. The most important thing, why is Modi even being blamed? He is not controlling Delhi currently. He is at the central office. State affairs differ from union affairs. The Union Territory of Delhi currently comes under Congress’ Najeeb Jung, so, it is the government of शहज़ादा एंड माएं which is to be blamed.

Najeeb Jung

So, AAP, please find so logic in your debates, if you do. Otherwise, go for धरना!! And Congress, stop all useless arguments you present. Especially, Smriti Irani not being educationally qualified, because, hey, no educational qualifications are required to be a minister. Smriti Irani

This is because the minister does not directly control the ministry, but overlooks the matters and steps in during confusions. His/her orders are in the den final because he/she is the people’s representative, ho are the most important in a democracy. There are many non literate people in India. They also must be represented in the ministry.


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