The Football Fever we love…

Did you see the match last night? 😮
That header by Van Persie was so good! 😀

Ronaldo is totally out of form. 😦


You must have heard these things and many more…We all know, that from 9:30 PM to 5:30 PM in early morning, all you are doing is watching Football. The football fever has taken over people of all ages and nearly of all types of interests. It is that one time which comes once in some years and makes football a part of people’s life. These footballers are playing day in day out in their respective clubs in different leagues and sometimes in the same association’s tournament (UEFA). But, why is it that there is so much excitement at this point? It is because:

  • These footballers now have nationalism as another reason to win matches.
  • All countries, regardless of their continents, play at the same time.
  • We can have all football fans now concentrating on one tournament, rather than their choice of different leagues, like Bundesliga, Liga BBVA, Barclays PL, Super Liga and lots more…
  • The social media and all sports channels can get mad at every good thing which happens in every match.

The good thing that comes with Fifa World Cup are:

  1. Inactive football fans get pretty active during this time which promotes the sport largely.
  2. Countries not good at the sport, including India, get attached with the sport at such levels that it becomes very obvious that a group of people would start discussions at any random topic, but would end with football. This becomes an inspiration for our teams to get sponsored and play in these events.
  3. The merchandise sale for Fifa-related companies, largely Adidas, increases fore fold, resulting in huge profits. It is a fact that the official ball of Fifa World Cup this year, the Brazuca, had to see it’s stock with Adidas end in India due to unexpectedly high sales, much more than Jabulani, the official football for the previous world cup.
  4. We get to make plans, late at night, to watch matches. With this, we get the opportunity to meet our friends and relatives.
  5. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, get filled with all sorts of Football related news and debates and discussions regarding the match beforehand and for the outcome of the match.

“Just like a coin has 2 sides, any thing in this world will have 2 sides, entirely different from each other. One of ’em will benefit us, the other will probably not.”

There are, although not many, but a few cons of the football fever too…

  1. To see all the matches and be updated with every single millisecond of the ongoing match, you wake up late till night, which is, sometimes, very difficult to do. No one sleeps before 4 AM !!
  2. The atmosphere during these matches becomes of competition. You would always find people who would flaunt their knowledge and give their विषेश टिपण्ड़ि (visesh tipandi) for every single match. It gets irritating, I know how you feel. You will always find people tweeting something like this:



3. The headache strikes for people who are not interested in football. They get tags like ‘Mood Spoiler’, ‘Boring Person’ and will positively be told to watch Pogo TV. Any person they try to talk to, asks them the first question as: Match dekha? Kitna mast tha na? Whereas they sit with this face:

So, whatever it is, it is something interesting. Fifa WC is riding on everyone’s heart and soul, and is just fun to watch. You may support any team, but you will agree to this:

“It is the journey being more enjoyable than the destination.”

So, here we all are, going through that very journey…



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