Technology: Our masters via the Mobile

Technology was developed to help mankind. But it has incapacitated our lives using an instrument we keep with ourselves day in and day out. A Mobile Phone. What is the most used item in a Mobile Phone?

Social Networking

These 2 words and yet, includes lives of almost everyone. Whatever happens in our life, even the smallest incidents, like, we visiting the temple, is posted on facebook with a lot of s and a lot of #xyzs. But, wait, and think for a moment. Is it really important for us to post every thing of our daily schedule. Day in, Day out. It has so many disadvantages, we can count all night. I’ll mention a few:

  1. When we write everything from our daily lives and check in at almost every place, a pattern keeps forming. A person friend to us on social sites can actually form a plan of what all we do everyday and this can be dangerous at times.
  2. These sites are just trending. This means, they go viral for a limited time, but they fade away. Eg. Remember Orkut? Maybe you don’t. Who visits them anyway?

These are just two. But, what I want you to know, is the third one, around which my entire blog is designed.

How does Technology become our master and we, their slave?

Social Networking is very addictive.
Once you start it, you cannot leave it for a minute. But, it takes you away from the real world. It makes you a virtual identity. You may talk to people via chatting, but you will not even know the person in real properly. Virtual recognition does not earn any respect, it is just a score, which just shows, how much time can you waste on an unproductive item.
Yes, they are cool, they help people keep in touch and they help in befriending. But that’s about it. They are not life. Snap out of ’em. And now, it has reached such a level that, wherever you visit, you do not enjoy the place for beauty or entertainment, you click a selfie!

You go to a friend’s place, Selfie time!
You go to a mall, Selfie time!
You go for bowling, Selfie time!
You go to a party, Selfie time!
You go to McDonalds, man!, Selfie time!

And it has become very obvious that we all are addicts. Jokes make sense now. Life is short. Disconnect and Enjoy. Meet friends, live life, king size. It is important to spend quality time with your family, friends and relatives, now their experiences and learn that life is not what you order, but what you make out of what you get. A video signifying the same shall help in better understanding:


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