She was a fighter.

There she looked, up about the barren land
Overcoming all storms and waves, to achieve the grand
Her power and will paved for her a way
But the journey was so impeccable, one can at least say,
That she was a fighter.

Sailing her boat, all by her own,
Surviving every tackle, with family and lone
One could be aroused by her beauty and her persona
Her smile created as the phillip of fauna.

And still, yet overcoming another Everest, her daily struggle,
she came about, happily, laughing as ever, without a shruggle
Oh yes, she was a fighter.

She left footsteps ahead,
For others to see,
She set the bar,
Passion was her key.

But, then she saw, the yet to be conquered
The achieved was good, ah, the remaining was shrouded
But, she only had to pass a smile,
As she could easily, without wait, climb
As she was a girl to remember,
Oh boy, She was a fighter.
-Devesh Kapoor


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