Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

Many had a lot of expectations from this movie after the director, Zoya Akhtar release ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara’ which went on to become the ‘most entertaining, friend circle comedy drama that one can experience’. Well, D3, takes on a new spectrum of relationship, family. Even though it is very illogical to compare it with ZNMD, but then, a comparison is inevitable and expectations were high.

Well, as a critic, I can say, Zoya has done a pretty good job, but failed to make it to the light point.


Dil Dhadakne Do is the story of a complicated Punjabi family which is highly cautious of its prestige and its reputation. But as the title suggests, every person desires something that can harm the reputation of the family. Kamal Mehra, the head of the family, owns AyKa, a reputed successful company, on the verge of bankruptcy. To save the company, he plots a plan to marry his son, Kabir Mehra, to Noorie, the daughter of another business tycoon, Mr. Sood, to make him invest in AyKa. Ayesha Mehra, the daughter of the Mehras, is married off to Manav, a relationship she had never been happy with. On a cruise planned by the Mehras, on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary and to make the deal with the Soods and to also to show-off to their acquaintances, Kabir meets a free-spirited, funky dancer, Farah, and engages in a romantic, yet secretive relationship with her. Noorie, on the other hand, falls in love with Rana, the son of the family hated by her parents. Kabir and Noorie decide to let their parents believe that they are dating, while continuing their respective relationships. Meanwhile, Ayesha considers divorcing her husband, whom she believes is incompatible with her; her parents, however, are staunchly against it. During that time, Sunny, the son of Kamal’s manager arrives on the ship. It is revealed that Sunny and Ayesha dated each other as teenagers. Now, all of these story lines, all at once makes it really intriguing and makes you really want to see what is to happen. The only issue is that the story is revealed at a very fast pace which causes a very early climax and makes the movie feel stretched at the end. Lack of 3 hour content causes a lagged screenplay, but due to the story.


Zoya Akthar has taken care of everything and brought out probably the best out of every actor. Even though, the story does not allow any depth to any character, whatsoever, but Zoya has done pretty good. Zoya has set for herself a name in the industry now that whatever is coming out from her, it’s set to be something good. Lack of depth, but considerably good.




 The entire music album is just perfect, with every situation used in the movie, every song just goes perfectly. ‘Gallan Goodiyaan’ has the perfect lyrics to suit the very pre-climax sort of situation where the plot has been revealed entirely and the climax is about to take place. ‘Girls Like To Swing’ is the introductory song for Anushka, who is supposed to be a dancer, but isn’t looking as elegant. Like ZNMD, every actor has done some actual playback for himself/herself, be it in singing or choreographing, something which adds to the realistic atmosphere of the movie.


D3 features a mild setback, when it comes to screenplay, but that is because of the lackdownload of story and a lot more running time than required. The screenplay has done best possible to not make it lag and provide something or the other to entertain. But really, the screenplay starts to lag, especially at the end of it. The situation and story is such, that more than comic, it is much more tense and heavy. Unlike ZNMD, which had the advantage of a loose and flexible story line, that the screenplay went on to be highly appealing.


The dialogues are the capital point of the movie. They are funny, realistic and leave you in puddles of love, laugh and emotion. And the manner in which they were delivered were amazing. They had the depth and realism under them. Anil Kapoor handles the ones with emotions. Farhan does with the amazement. Priyanka with desires and reluctance. Anushka does for shock. Ranveer has the most brilliant timing for any comic dialogue to work well. #ButterKnife


Practically the entire backbone of this movie was the cast and for a fact, most of them were able to deliver what was expected of them. Anil Kapoor (Kamal Mehra) is amazingly challenging the real and acting and so does Shefali Shah (Ms. Mehra), who showcases the situation and emotion inside a woman suffering to secure the name of the Mehras. Priyanka Chopra(Ayesha Mehra) and Anushka Sharma(Farah Ali) do good enough in their roles, and both were able to emotionally shake the audience, but Anushka was inept to match Priyanka. Farhan Akthar was not given the appropriate film time to make any pro founding impact, but has been able to perform well in the allotted time. But, the most impressing was  Ranveer Singh (Kabir Mehra), who was able to contribute to the epilogue in a very valuable and memorable performance. But since, the cast is too long, none of the characters are set to say with you for long. Aamir Khan does amazingly well and showcases the clique habits of man as a narrator in the form of Pluto Mehra, the “only sensible person in the Mehra family”, in his own words.

BEST MOMENT (*spoilers ahead*)

It’s pretty hard to choose the best moment. But, in a movie like this, it has to be a funny one. I have to choose two moments. One of them is when Ayesha talks to her mother-in-law in front of her entire family regarding her idea to divorce his husband. Ranveer and his #ButterKnife do make you laugh out loud. The other scene is when Kunal gets to know that his son’s, as per him, wife, is actually in love with Rana and not his son Kabir. He gets a heart attack, which is soon revealed to be something absolutely Indian.


STORY –>            ****
DIRECTION –>     ***1/2
MUSIC –>             ***1/2
DIALOGUES –>    ****
ACTING –>            ****
OVERALL–>          ***1/2
CRITIC’S CALL—> Worth a one time watch. Family Entertainer.

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5 thoughts on “Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

  1. Real comprehensive review….very well covered n analysed….Only thing missing is d crux of d plot…gender equality. …Way to go…kudos

  2. The butter knife scene was HILARIOUS. Had me laughing out so loud and hard. I think Ranveer Singh’s comic timing was the only reason why I was able to stay awake and watch the entire film haha.

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