Yesterday, an incident occurred which might have changed my life forever. An uncle, over 80 years old, living opposite to me, was admitted to the hospital today. It wasn’t the mischief of a disease, or an illness. He experienced a cardiac arrest. It was because a cracker burst right in front of him unexpectedly.  I did not burn any crackers this year, but initially I was questioning myself, whether I was being too serious about it. But, the incident made me realise, that these things we take so lightly, have so many other effects. I also heard a story, that one of the skyshots my friend was bursting, slipped, and tilted and burst below a car, blowing the car itself. I mean, are crackers really that important? The opposition will here say the same tumblr lines over and over again (365 days, factory, 1 day, cracker). But that IS not the point. Difference between inevitable and evitable pollution is the key point. The entire essence of the festival has been beaten. It was meant to symbolise light, not crackers becoming the only part of celebration. This year, 52% reduction in sale of crackers compared to last year is the good news. But, we need more. Because when the case is regarding crackers, there are many more issues related to it. Eye issues, Garbage issues, light pollution, smog etc. People who support the act, will come up and say, it helps kill mosquitoes. I say, it also helps kill humans.


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