Happy Lohri

Yesterday, a large number of people celebrated Lohri.

We all had bonfires and we all had a good time.

Do we know what Lohri really is?
It is a celebration for the Punjab farmers for their harvest. They thank God for a good farming year and celebrate that their hard work has paid off.

Why do we urban-living societies celebrate?

What is our contribution in the Punjab harvest?
Nothing. Zero. Shuniya.

We hear about farming deaths, suicides every now and then. And we act as if nothing happened. Either that, or we just acknowledge the fact that there is poverty in agriculture and move on.

See, the condition is so poor that cotton farmers, who are supposed to be the richest farmers in our country, are stuck in a debt-trap and eventually have no option but to kill themselves.

Instead of burning bonfires and polluting the already polluted air in Delhi, we have to do something to help the farmers.

We needn’t dance and enjoy,  but actually repay some of our money back to the farmers and help them with funds.

That is the real celebration.

There is no point celebrating a festival if its essence is lost and the only residue is a ritual, which to, is only a formality.


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