Only real Indians will read this. 1 Read = 1 Respect

Okay, sorry for the clickbait title. That is what it has all come down to. 
Yes right. Why not? Why is it not right to beat up these students? Allow a nation to be scared of a person who visits an institution to DEBATE. We as a nation are scared of a debate? A particular party thinks they are the only law and order in the nation. Who made them the guard of our nation? Who defines what is degrading a nation? Is standing at the National Anthem enough for nationalism, if I stand at my anthem and then go on an acid attack spree, I have no right to be called the citizen of India. No right. No court, law or party can define what is Nationalism for me. And what law and order is this for this party to push, pull and hit in the name of protest and use their opposite party name to legitimize their protest. 
By supporting this armed rebellion, ONE is supporting the image that whomsoever wants to discuss something, needs to be beaten with stones or jailed. 

And that “guest speaker” still has no valid CHARGE-SHEET filed against him, thus making him clean of any charges. And even he did have charges against him,
1. Any criminal still has the right to express his views anywhere and anytime. You cannot PREDICT that he will make a hate speech.
2. He was acquitted on Sedition charges. If you read this draconian law, it was created by the British empire to not allow any media personnel or citizen to talk ill about the empire. This law simply carried forward to 2016 and is one of the worst pieces of IPC you’ll ever read, if you do.
The point is this. In politics, there are trending SLOGANS/WORDS. 

धूम चली है ही, तो तुम भी बोल ही दो ।
Now, do you hear of Corruption in news anymore? WHY? Doesn’t trend anymore. Does that mean it has ended? No. 
Law and order are turning to hell. Just because smart people head a party, doesn’t mean that at the local levels, they have good leaders. 
The most pathetic part of all this is that people support this in the name of NATIONALISM. 
Okay. So, read this statement.

“A group of people who believe in a particular ideology and enforce it upon others using violent means targeted at producing harm towards a particular part of society.”

That’s the definition of a terrorist organization. 
Does it ring a bell now?
Call me an anti national. I pay my taxes and my due respect to national symbols in my own way. I’m at least more a citizen of India than these goons.
And when writers, comedians and film makers are jailed and rapists, murderers and aggressors like these are on the loose, India has a set future. 
The issue is we have bleached the difference between Anti-National and Anti-Government. 
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not angry. Not yet. I was listening to “Love you Zindagi” (Dear Zindagi) while writing this, while watching Tom and Jerry in the background.

People will soon forget about this incident, like they always do. We move on. We forget. Then something happens, we charge up our Facebook accounts and Twitter handles. Then it fades away again. 

I’m not supporting or not supporting what the “guess speaker” has done. All I know is that he has Fundamental Rights, which DO NOT REQUIRE the fulfilment of Fundamental Duties, since they are not binding. Only if they would read the document upon which our nation was built, the Indian Constitution. 

I used to be scared of dark rooms. Now I’m scared of the rulers I chose. Essentially, I’m scared of me. Wow. 

All I need is for someone to tell me it’s all a dream. 
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s  imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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