15 Questions for PM sahab

Okay. No jokes here. As a citizen, I want to ask our honorable Prime Minister these 15 questions that I want to know about.

Q.1 What good was Demonetization?
(Almost everyone got their (black) money altered some way or the other, while business and imports suffered immensely.)

Q.2 Isn’t BJP a non-secular party by birth?
(In 1979, Janta Party was divided into Janata Party (secular) and Bhartiya Janata Party, the division being based on secular vs non-secular ideas.)

Q.3 Why don’t you mention ground issues in “Mann Ki Baat”?
(You never comment on violent issues, bans or people’s struggles in your speeches at all, creating an issue-less image of an issue-rigged India. Violent acts of ABVP, Shiv Sena, RSS and similar such organizations go under your radar.

Q.4 Why do you ban Beef specifically and not other animals?
(Not everyone is a Hindu in India. If someone wishes to consume beef, how can you decide what they can or cannot consume. If you are ready to ban beef, why not pork. How is this draconian measure different from the food laws of caste in 1900s India?)

Q.5 What exactly happened in Gujarat in 2002 and at Ayodhya?

Q.6 Why does your junior party, ABVP, feel that debates are dangerous?
(By not allowing a man to debate in Ramjas, you showed that they are afraid of debates, which is a very scary situation.)

Q.7 Why are radical Muslim groups called TERRORISTS and radical Hindu groups called RADICAL groups?

Q.8 Why is Pahlaj “Nahaya-nhi” your dog (censored) friend?
(Why does he ban scenes in movies that favor you. Like Udta Punjab. Like Phillauri. He is the same guy who forced Juhi Chawla to dance on the song of doom (Khada Hai).

Q.9 Why does the Finance Bill 2017 allow unlimited amounts of political funding to an already RTI covered area?

Q. 10 Why is it that in the last 45 years, the only time we have had a confrontation with Pakistan is under a BJP rule?

Q. 11 Why is it that in the past 30 years, the only time we have had major violent riots in India have been under BJP rule?

Q. 12 Why is it that when I or anyone else writes or speaks “Anti-Government”, they are called “Anti-National”?

Q. 13 Why did you not declare your Uttar Pradesh CM candidate before the elections?

Q. 14 Why have you chosen the CM of UP as a person who himself gives hate-speeches and incites mob attacks and glorified rape?

Q. 15 When will you answer any of these questions?

(Please don’t kill me Bhakts for giving you my opinion. I’m not an anti-national or a muslim, although there is no shame or guilt or regret at all in being the latter. I said stuff against a party and not a nation. Understand the difference. I am just an Indian exercising my rights.)

 I really respect the party and it really has done some amazing work. It is really worthy of the chair. Just some questions.


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