BJP Membership Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The following is a parody. A joke. Not to be taken seriously. If you cannot hear a joke against BJP, leave. If you don’t like a joke, don’t laugh. No need to call me an anti-national or worse, jail me. Freedom of Expression (Article 19, Sub-Clause 1 (a) of the Indian Constitution (ever heard of that document that one can never ban?).

Want to join BJP? Do you have what it takes to be a part of our party? Kindly go through the guidelines given below:

  1. Usage of the following terms is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED in every political propaganda.
    (i) Modi “JI”
    (ii) Anti-National
    (iii) Intolerance
    (iv) Army Sacrifice
    (v) Hate Speech
    (vi) Surgical Strike
    (vii) Ban
    (viii) Sedition
    (ix) Nation (As is National Front or National Democratic Alliance)
  2. Avoid using these terms as we have OVERUSED them to come to Power in the first place.
    (i) Corruption
    (ii) Scams
    (iii) “Pappu”
    (iv) “Achey Dinn”
    (v) “Jantaa Maaf Nhi Karegi”
  3. Usage of the following terms have been absolutely BANNED. Strict orders to not mention them at all.
    (i) Muslim
    (ii) Secular
    (iii) Hindutva
    (iv) Shiv Sena
    (v) RSS
    (vi) ABVP
    (vii) Gujarat (if, the subject is about 2002)
    (viii) Ayodhya (if, the subject is Ram Mandir, because there is nothing called Babri Masjid)
    (ix) Logic

What goes around, “terms” around. The game of terminologies has been amazing. Congratulations.

This is all just a silly joke. I really do respect the BJP and our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for what all they have done over the years. Some phenomenal success. Kudos. It really is worthy of forming the government. This is just a joke. Please don’t make it into a big scene. I love you all. After all, we are all Indians. Forever. 


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