The -ism other than Nationalism 

I was scrolling through my daily dose of Facebook feeds and I come across this picture. ⬇

Now, as I search for the reactions people have towards this, I see 177 people reacting angrily. 

People are infuriated to see someone paying equal respect to other religions. 
Well, at least Hindus and Muslims co-exist on one point and that is to be angry about secularism, just like not accepting homosexuality. The reactions were by both Hindus and Muslims. 

The funny thing although is this use of the “angry” reacts (😤) is perfect for Indians. 

But what happened to us? We were never like this. We were a peaceful country, more so then, than now. It is an absolute shame that even pictures like these have people going crazy. Nobody is ready to seek the message. Everyone is ready to react angrily. Everyone. Ready to pounce. Ready for that opportunity to be “disrespected”. So much change has occured in the Indian atmosphere, and I’m not talking about the scientific one, that even I was easily clicking on those angry reacts, not seeing how aggressive a nature I was filled with. I am at fault too. 

Well, what I absolutely fail to understand is this.

Why do people spend their entire lives protecting something that they never chose themselves in the first place?

Religion, as close it can become to people, is an ascribed status. It can not be chosen. One is born into their religion. 

Absolutely, one gets social satisfaction to belong to a group of common believers and it amps up their faith and helps them do tasks with a sense of positivity and optimism. There is nothing wrong at all in being religious.

But should we blind ourselves protecting our Gods so much, that we start destroying his greatest creations? Us humans.

God, the spiritual being, doesn’t need us to protect him. 

Let me leave you not with a thought, but with a simple picture. 

And just in case you’re still wondering, the other -ism is



5 thoughts on “The -ism other than Nationalism 

  1. You’ve indeed done justice to this image.
    The day people will start realising their responsibilities as human beings, our nation will be beautiful. A beautiful place to breathe and live.

  2. You are truly an Indian love you kabhi dhyan se apni nani ka poojaghar dekhna.apni sabhi baato ke jawab mil jayege.

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