Why #UninstallSnapchat is a blessing in disguise?

Well, #UninstallSnapchat is trending.

I support #UninstallSnapchat.

Yes. I do.

But, not because of the fiasco.

The reason is rather simple.

It is a stupid, time eating app that disables you to actually enjoy the moment and makes you take out your phone and record the moment for the world to see, not leaving anything exclusive for you.

From “Oho, snap ley isski” to “kuch karte hai yaar, snap daal lengey”, we have started doing things for the sake of a putting a story on this app for the world to see how crazy and happening your life is and how you did something worthwhile today.

I see that people like telling the world what they are doing. Perfectly fine. We all like doing that. That’s what social media is all about. But, where do we draw the line between social media as a part of our life and social media being our life?

I am also a Facebook user. I love sharing my thoughts there. Even a few things happening in my life, sure.

But when we shift our thoughts to “doing something” for the sake of putting it on Snapchat, are we really enjoying the moment?

When was the last time you did something fun and NOT put in on Snapchat?

Instead of enjoying the moment, we try to capture it for the world. Anything happens, the first thing people do it pluck their phones out, and record.

Your eyes and your brain store your experiences like no one can. Those few seconds of immense joy belong to you. Only you. That no one knows of. That no one can even imagine. Those few moments of your day that no one other than you can understand.

Seeing your baby smile for the first time, proposing to the love of your life, enjoying the mystique around the sunset, enjoying late night moments of चाय and बिस्कुट with your friend, your first experience in a flight. So many more.

Such experiences which have a happiness attached to them that no one will ever understand better than you. Such experiences are meant to be enjoyed by you.

Why is it that people of the previous generation remember so many life incidents so vividly? They had no phones, no cameras, no recorders nothing. All they had, was themselves. 

Feeling the joy of the moment, taking it all in from all your senses, you eyes, your nose, your skin, you entire body and soul, all devoted to that moment of accelerated feelings. They never forget, because flashbacks can never be replaced.

What fun is it to be in a stadium and record and see from the screen you are recording? What was the point of paying and going to the stadium anyway? People sitting at home also see it the same way you do then.

I get capturing your photograph for the memory of it. That’s sensible. But making a video for what you did each day and it vanishing in 24 hours is the most horrifying testimony to the fact that time passes every day, every hour, every minute, every goddamn second.

And all we do, is Snapchat.

And hey, it is not our generation only. People from the previous ones are also catching up, some addicted to this more than we could ever be.

So ask yourselves this one question.

Is it all worth it?

Well, the way I see it. #UninstallSnapchat is a blessing in disguise.

Also, when people use that awful dog filter, they don’t look cute. They don’t look nice. They look pathetic. Both boys and girls. It doesn’t matter who you are, but if you think getting a dog filter photograph clicked makes you look cute, you couldn’t be more wrong. You really, really, REALLY look awful. 

Even dogs are ashamed of people now. 


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